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Singing with the Audience

In his short performance, Bobby McFerrin manages to engage his audience and invite them into his piece from the get-go. While this isn’t necessarily a storytelling piece, it reflects good methods to involve the audience: merely inviting them in and … Continue reading

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The Arts Festival Revolution -David Binder The Arts Festival Revolution evokes awareness about ways to physically involve the audience in a performance piece. David Binder explores art festivals and companies such as Royal Deluxe, and Back to Back with unique approaches, locations, and inclusion methods … Continue reading

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  My topic is about how the storyteller gets the audience to become one and join together. I shared this video because it moved me and made my eyes tear up. This guy told an amazing personal story that was … Continue reading

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Kids As Storytellers

This is the first episode of a webseries called “Written By A Kid,” in which children tell stories and adults create short films of the children’s stories. It’s one of the few places where I’ve seen children’s voices be respected … Continue reading

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Learning Language through Storytelling In considering our topic for this week, I became interested in how storytelling can be used in teaching languages to children. My research on this turned up a method of teaching called TPRS, or Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. … Continue reading

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Storytelling as a Team Sport: Benefits in Social Development The above article, written by teacher Carol Krakower, gives a description of the storyteling “team” she runs in her school for grades 6 and up. Being a part of this team, she argues, gives kids the same “gratification” and … Continue reading

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Socialization through storytelling

As discussed in the reading, children often make sense of their realities through story creation and performance.  The following two studies employ storytelling as a methodology for exploring how children have been socialized into their societal positions. In this … Continue reading

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