Group 2 Blog Blurb and Local Event

Group two divided up the themes of personal storytelling into four different sections. Ian researched storytellings ability to humanize history by gaining specific perspective on broad topics and historical events. (For example; one is much more captivated by a story about a specific event in a war than they are by the entire thing). Roshard researched developing a sense of self through storytelling (Organizing memory and understanding of memories). Mike researched listening to personal storytelling in order to gain personal perspective and Rachel researched the topic of perception when telling personal stories. Through these four topics, humanizing history, memory, listening and perception, we attempt to further understand the world of personal storytelling.

Group two also selected a storytelling event to share with the class;

The Pioneer Valley Folklore Society presents a; Song and Story Swap!

The first Saturday of Every Month.
The Nacul Center, 592 Main St., Amherst, MA

Each month a special guest performer is featured!
Admission is free!
Come tell a story, sing a song, or just to listen!

The event can be found at;

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