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This blog serves as a resource for the community of storytellers enrolled in Hampshire College’s course – Storytelling as Performance: Voice, Body, Narrative Spring 2013.

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  1. Mike Goulding says:

    My first resource is of a father telling the story of one of his first tries at riding a skateboard. He grabs the attention of the whole family with his light humor and casual talk. They all gather round and the eyes of entire room are on him. He is telling a story and his kin is listening, children and adults animated by this simple story. All those present are not only enjoying a story from the old man, but are also gaining insight into this man they call “dad”, as a person. They are learning bits and pieces of who and what he is through his stories. Storytelling seems commonplace in that household and as my second resource suggests, they’re many benefits for the whole family when it comes to family storytelling. It tightens family bonds and individuals within families. Tellers gain a sense of self worth the telling of a story. From these stories of our loved ones, siblings, fathers, grandmothers; we are allowed access into a generation of the past. From their stories, we begin to understand those who tell them.

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